Bill & Lisa Ottoshavett

Founders of Kids Loading Zone, Inc.

Proud parents of 28 years, we have 4 kids ranging from young children to young adults.

As parents, we are constantly looking for solutions to make every day routines a little easier. After years of dealing with car seats and diaper bags, one of our biggest everyday challenges was getting in the car.  Countless times we would park our car only to come back to an impossible single file space to get back in. If we were fortunate we would have one another to hold the door from hitting the car next to you; otherwise you would be climbing over the seat! The stress of a newborn and small children is enough, but not having the room to safely secure them in the car, is impossible!

So, after years of frustration and chipped door paint… we asked ourselves a question. What if we did a better job of letting others know where we need a little more room to load our precious passengers?

The answer, create a product that would eliminate the challenge by clearly displaying where you will be loading your children. A stylish, yet functional sign that you easily place on your car with our magnetic base when parked. When you are ready to drive simply remove and store the sign, while the magnetic base stays in place.

It is products like this and many more to come, that we will continue to have parents and children in mind.


Lastly, a soundtrack that captures the essence of where we are from, California.